Local products

At Azienda della Pieve, you will not only find hospitality but also the productions of typical and characteristic features of the Lake Garda area. - The olives cultivated within the company are collected and squeezed into the Farm with passion and experience of the owner, obtaining, through cold squeezing, an extra virgin olive oil of high quality that maintains unaltered flavors and typical scents Of the Lake Garda area. The company's ancient olive groves are followed with great care and attention to ensure the production of an extra virgin olive oil that is different from the product of the market. Every stage of olive and oil processing takes place within the company, in order to guarantee uniqueness to the product: hand-picking, cold squeezing and finally bottling. - The red grapes grown here are used for the production of the renowned Bardolino wine, typical of the area. In the property, you can stroll through the rows of vineyards enjoying the colors of the surrounding landscape.